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The choice is yours: $1500 hard drive recovery OR $59.99/year for unlimited backup. Choose Carbonite Cloud Backup. Subscribe Today.
Carbonite Office is the simple, trusted backup solution for small businesses. Buy now and save up to 30%.
Carbonite Cloud Backup. Unlimited automatic backup for files, photos and more- just $59.99 per year. Start your free trial today.
Mac users: Carbonite is now offering premium benefits.
Back up your entire business securely to the cloud for just $269.99/year Try Carbonite for free today.
Secure. Automatic. Affordable. Carbonite cloud backup is the better way to back up your small business. Only $269.99/year. Buy now.
Survive a computer disaster with Carbonite cloud backup. Start a free trial, no credit card required.
Are you at risk of losing your irreplaceable files? Onsite backup is not enough. Get Carbonite cloud backup now.
Start your free trial for up to 30 days with Carbonite and stay protected from ransomware.
Now Available from Carbonite: Mac Cloud backup - Buy now.
Save up to 30% on server backup built just for SMBs. Try it free today.
Carbonite gives you secure, automatic &; affordable cloud backup for your business, plus access to your files anytime, anywhere. Only $199.99/year. Buy now.
Survive a computer disaster; Protect yourself with Carbonite cloud backup.
Try Carbonite cloud backup FREE for 15 days and back up your irreplaceable files automatically and securely. No credit card required.
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